Are pets allowed?

Pets no. Service animals yes.

Service animals only will be permitted inside the festival grounds.


Is this a family friendly event?

Yes – our event is very family friendly. Throughout the weekend there will be activites for families and children of all ages. In our Kid’s Village children can create crafts, paint, learn, and hang with outher children. (Please note: Children must be accompanied by their adults at all times all weekend).

Do you have electric and/or hook ups?

All of our camping is PRIMITIVE CAMPING. We do not offer electricity or water at any of our campsites at this time, this includes our RV camping as well.

Can I bring a generator?

Yes, quiet generators will be allowed

Are there showers?

We have a public use shower house – It is coed and bathing suits will be required at all times. Please make sure any soap you bring in is environmentally friendly otherwise it will not be allowed.

Are their restrooms?

We will have portable restrooms throughout the land.

Can I camp next to my vehicle?

You can camp next to your vehicle, there isn’t separate parking and camping areas.

Camping is first come and first serve and you will be parked by a team of staff and volunteer that will work around the clock to get people settled. Please be mindful of your fellow eclipse chasers when planning on creating your campsites.

Can I build a fire at my campsite?

No – due to the August heat and the dry grass fires will not be allowed at individual campsites. We will have community fire rings located in the center of each campground.

What type of clothing/shoes should we bring?

Things you would wear if it were hot outside but at the same time you may need something you would wear if it were 60 degrees outside. We have had some awesome weather lately, however some might find a need for a light jacket in the evenings.

We also recommend wearing closed toe swim shoes while swimming and showering. There are some sharp rocks on the property and we would hate for you to miss out on all the fun!

What are the hours of the event?

SUNDAY – 8AM – open all night until 11:00AM MONDAY
*Please note – if you are already inside of the event grounds prior to 11AM on Monday, August 21st you are welcome to stay and enjoy the eclipse with us. We have chosen to close the gates at that time so that those who are inside can begin to get situated and comfortable without concern of vehicles moving throughout the land. If you are planning on arriving on Monday, August 21st please plan accordingly.

How old do I have to be to come without an adult?

You must be 18 to come without an adult.

Will there be food and water?

Yes to both.
We will have food from our food vendors and there will be a water station on the main festival grounds, we do encourage you to bring enough water to last you throughout the weekend. Additionally, our vendors will be offering cold beverages for purchase.

Will there be ice availble on-site?

Yes, ice will be available in the main festival grounds for purchase

I have a ticketing issue or I wish to transfer my ticket to another name. How do I do that?

Please contact for all ticketing questions.

Can we have a renegade stage?

To have a well curated environment for all participants to enjoy, we are not permitting renegade / campground stages. Renegade sound systems will be confiscated and the vehicles carrying them will be turned away at the gate.

Are there other rules to consider?

Yes – we encourage everyone to read and understand all of our terms and conditions. Click HERE for our Terms & Conditions.

These FAQ’s are great but I still have a question.

Please click HERE to reach us.