We thought long and hard about the title for our event before ultimately landing on “Darkening of the Sun.” The title is in honor of the Cherokee people and their interpretation of experiencing solar and lunar eclipses. More of their (and our) story can be found under ::Deep Story::.

In 2017 Hawk Arrow Springs land owners William and Kerry Buell, their son Ryan Buell, and event producer Eric Noble came together to honor the history of their Cherokee ancestors in tribute to this most sacred celestial event. Hawk Arrow Springs is located just outside of St. Clair, MO and will be within the path of totality. Patrons of Darkening of the Sun will experience 2 minute and 40 seconds of darkness. Hawk Arrow Springs encompasses 204 acres of woods & fields to hike and explore. It features several natural springs, a few of which are being transformed into spring fed swimming pools. We will be hosting live music all weekend on this beautiful land, from noon to 11pm. There will be live artists painting & creating throughout the event ground. We will host workshops on various topics and activities for the kiddos. There will be food and drink vendors, and vendors selling/creating arts & crafted goods. And it all will culminate with an ideal Eclipse Viewing Area at 1:16 p.m. on August 21st, with the total eclipse of the sun.

We hope you are as thrilled about our event as we are and would like to join us here!