Some people go a lifetime without their true calling. Nahko is not one of them. “My call is to put action to the words that I speak and the lyrics I sing. Not just to talk, but to do,” says Oregon-born singer/songwriter Nahko, who is of Puerto Rican, Native American (Apache), and Filipino descent.“This is the soundtrack of the movement for a better planet" - Nahko

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With roots at Vermont’s Castleton State University, Twiddle began their extensive touring career in 2005. Over a decade later, the foursome has composed an eclectic catalogue spanning three studio albums of originals, in addition to many live releases. Currently the band is digging in at the studio composing PLUMP Chapter Two, the second half of their acclaimed third album. Having performed at a multitude of international festivals, Twiddle’s trajectory shows zero sign of slowing. Look for them to pack prominent theaters and festivals throughout 2017, as they truly break through to the next level.

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Dustin Thomas

Big hair, big smiles, and a whole lot of love - wild-hearted globe-trotter Dustin Thomas makes waves from America to Australia with his infectious blend of beat-box/soul-folk. Armed with his voice, a guitar, and universal anthems of love and war; this young singer-songwriter continues to inspire hearts around the world on his mission of peace, joy, and unity.

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Hope Medford

Hope Medford has been the hand drummer for Medicine for the People since 2007, and has been playing percussion for over twenty years. Her first teacher was Babatunde Olatunje from Nigeria, and she has since studied with master drummers in West Africa, Peru and Brazil. She is the co-creator of ManaFest, music & arts festival on Hawaii featuring women artists; and she just released her third solo album, 'Bring to Light'.

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Chase Makai (Solo)

Chase Makai is a messenger from Nahko & Medicine for the People.

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Chase Makai f/ The Pain

Chase Maka of Medicine for the People featuring members of Jon Wayne & the Pain

Gipsey Moon

Gipsy Moon is a five-piece folk band based in the solititude of the Rocky Mountains of Nederland Colorado. Mixing original tunes with old world traditional songs, they provide a spetcrum of music ranging from folk melodys, to jazz improv, from retro slavic moods, to gipsy rhythms. They are gearing up to release a brand new album called ‘Songs of Olde’, an album of traditionalsongs from all parts of the world.

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Dixon's Violin

You've never heard violin like this! The world's premier visionary violinist, Dixon's life mission is to inspire people - and he has done so across North America, including giving three TED talks/performances, ten years at Burning Man, plus radio, TV, and film appearances. A former technology leader and symphony violinist, Dixon walked away from a distinguished career to follow his dream full-time, and invented a whole new music genre. Dixon now improvises on a 5-string electric violin with a looper to create an all-live one-man symphony, guided by his remarkable personal story of life transformation.

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Aaron Kamm
& the One Drops

Hailing from St. Louis, MO, Aaron Kamm and The One Drops merge flavors of Roots Reggae, Mississippi River Blues, Improv-laced Jams, and Soulful Vocals. With a High energy performance and a unique sound this band is a must see.

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Naughty Professor

Naughty Professor is a forward thinking music endeavor pioneered by six young musicians from around the country, now anchored in New Orleans, Louisiana. Formed in 2011, the band’s mission was to embody the jazz-­influenced party culture of the Big Easy in a constantly evolving, high energy funk/soul outfit. Naughty P’s’ live performances, which weave together complex compositions and loose individual improvisation, quickly commanded the attention of many notable musicians in town, including George Porter Jr., Galactic, and The Revivalists. With fresh recorded material in the works and a rigorous tour schedule planned for 2016 and beyond, Naughty Professor is poised to soon become the next household name associated with the echelon of New Orleans music. Naughty Professor has shared the stage with artists such as Galactic, Snarky Puppy, Chali 2na, The Revivalists, Victor Wooten, Rebirth Brass Band, Fitz and the Tantrums, Jon Cleary, Kung Fu, The Motet, Papadosio, George Porter Jr., The Soul Rebels, and many more.

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One Tribe Movement

One Tribe. One Heart. One Mind. Bringing unity and building bridges to heal the heart of a broken world.

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Madison Pruitt

Madison has traveled across the country to perform with Medicine for the People and with others who have found her music through Nahko and the gang. She has been blessed to share the stage with the likes of Twiddle, Matisyahu, Trevor Hall, and Dustin Thomas. If you're into funny, awkward, home-schooled musicians, Madison Pruitt is the one for you.

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Jake's Leg

"Deadheads in St. Louis know Jake's Leg. The band has been providing music for the scene for over 40 years, playing thousands of shows to generations of like-minded fans who just wanna keep on dancin'. Their approach is not The Grateful Dead and it's not supposed to be. Jake's Leg naturally bring their own sensibilities to each part. The music can take you anywhere you want to go. And with their long-term unity and very capable musicianship, Jake's Leg makes it a great-sounding trip.”

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The Scandaleros

THE SCANDALEROS, a St. Louis based "swamp boogie rock" band, the Scandaleros are veteran St. Louis musicians. Blending rock, funk, country, blues, and soul, the Scandaleros tap a familiar nerve while giving it a fresh spin. Their shows mix original songs with covers from The Band and Allman Brothers to Waylon and Willie.

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Monkh and The People

Monkh and The People are an eight piece Funk/Fusion band from St. Louis, Mo. led by guitar wielding Daniel "Monkh" Horrell. Often focused on social, bringing everyone together through good energy and the power of music, Monkh and The People are here to bring higher vibrations to the masses.

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Oak, Steel & Lightning

OAK, STEEL & LIGHTNING is Missouri back roadin' music. Sounds like a tall glass of bourbon no chaser. Hell make it a bottle. Outlaw-Americana roots music.

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The Stone Sugar Shakedown

With "Words" and an even newer Cosmic Funk...Are you ready to Shakedown? The Stone Sugar Shakedown has been rockin' and rollin' since 2009.


Funk/Dark Fusion/Jazz/Blues - The Japanese term Shugyo refers to developing and honing a practitioner’s character through hard physical and mental training. Founded in Spring 2015, bassist Jason Heeter, guitarist Matt Gates, and drummer JJ Seabaugh began with Cape Girardeau funk band Monstars. With a new name and direction, they became Shugyo. Shugyo pushes style boundaries, creating a blend truly their own.

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SpaceShip is an intergalactic musical outfit comprised of sentient beings who have manifested on planet Earth to bring about mind expanding vibrational rhythms and tonal contemplations. They vibrate within frequencies that resonate within the spectrums of molecular jazz fusion and nebular space funk.

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Pebble is a funk reggae band from St louis. They have high energy and love to experiment each time they play.

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Blue Fruit Snacks

Blue Fruit Snacks is a high energy "Island Rock" band with a unique sound well received by all. Lead vocals/rhythm guitarist Ahna Schoenhoff has a sultry raspy voice reminiscent of Janis Joplin, matched to her bluesy rhythmic acoustic guitar stylings. Aux percussionist "Bongo Jak" brings a plethora of auxiliary sounds to the stage from bongos to kazoos there isn't much this drummer can’t do. Bassist Jesse Cruzen and lead guitarist Jakob Baxter fill out the sound with some of the funkiest freshest riffs you have ever heard. Together they are Blue Fruit Snacks. You gotta try em!

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Mulit-instremntal artist from St. Louis, MO - Kullus considers himself a citizen of the world. His music and life's philosphy simply put: sound. art. composition. technique. beats. energy. activation. movement.

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Shane Hamilton, AKA Papacatastrophe, has no idea what type of set he is going to play for this show. He has >20 years playing and writing many music genres. His recent interest includes middle-age divorce, growth, and a solid year of life’s adventures not yet transposed into song. I don’t know what you are going to hear, but you are guaranteed something special you will not soon forget.

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The Bovine Arrival

The Bovine Arrival hails from Columbia, MO with an eclectic vibe ranging from an alternative country tumble weed infused with back-road gravel rock. This band could be the sound track of you feeling happy about rolling through barbed wire while thinking:"what a beautiful life!"

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Nine Rabbits Laughing

Named after a mysterious Indian whose vision quest and story became their own, Nine Rabbits Laughing spread the words of universal love, spiritual awakening, compassion and forgiveness. Their performances are therapeutic, emotional and energizing.

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The Zen Junkie

The Zen Junkie is a singer, songwriter and artist who shares songs and stories of how he got here, how he felt about it and what he did about it through various acoustic genres and styles.

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LUX is an uncanny pop-duo of synths, drums, and explosive harmonies. The sound of LUX is influenced by the spirit of the '80s and the beat of the blues, weaving acoustic drums and vocals with a wall of self-produced synth, organ, and piano layers.

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J.D. Hughes & the Fuze

STL Based Guitarist & Vocalist JD Hughes brings his full band sound to the table with his soulful and funky collaboration The Fuze. The music shares an important message for all about the subtle yet uplifting power of love, real life experiences, and universal consciousness while still maintaining the elements of heavy groove and melodic delight. Sounds and genres collide in musical bliss with JD Hughes & The Fuze.

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Aaron Hale & The Human Beings

"I am just a Human Being trying to make it in a world that is very rapidly losing its understanding of being human." -John Trudell. Aaron Hale is a classically trained (Oklahoma State University), multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter from Oklahoma.

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Earth to Clark

Earth to Clark is a fresh, positive, uplifting and high energy band based out of Beloit, WI. The band is a wide mix of Funktistic, Partydelic, Rock, Reggae and Hip Hop. Members include Adam Gasser, Ariana Hartgraves. Bassel Saad, Zak Radewan, and Mark Atkinson.

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Michael Monster

With sweet singing and inspirational lyrics, Michael Monster's musical prowess is sure to carry you away on sound waves of acoustical bliss. A performer of stage and street for over 15 years, Michael brings you his original and unique homegrown songs for your listening pleasure. If you are feeling 'locked up' in your life, Michael Monster's tunes will surely be the key!

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Patrick Mureithi

Patrick Mureithi is a Kenyan musician and documentary filmmaker based in Springfield, MO. His music is influenced by delta blues, folk and reggae on the slide guitar, acoustic guitar and ukulele.
"Spiritual, soulful, uplifting music that you will want to share with everyone you know and love" ~ Gail Hansen, owner and booking manager. SOhO, Santa Barbara.

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Collective Consciousness Jam

Collective Consciousness Jam is an open space for full self expression. Working together as a collective we create an environment that fosters creativity and harmony within the collective. All musicians, dancers, painters, and smiles are welcome to be part of the magic and collaborate as one! Hosted by Sacred Circus and Love Light Dome.

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Bonfire Sessions

Join us at the Bonfire Sessions for storytelling, acoustic music, and quiet meditations.


Neuro-Logic is a St. Louis based band that has been around for about four years, but with different names and personnel throughout the trip. They play psychedelic music that takes cues from many different genres to make a spacey, mind-melting mixture that'll keep you dancing all night! Currently, the band is comprised of Mike Belaska on guitar and vocals, James Rodrigues on bass and vocals, Corey Clapper on guitar and vocals, Alex Maurer on drums, and Nick Stanford on keys and vocals. In the last two years Neuro-Logic has become focused on original compositions and plans to record an album when the time is right.

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Sacred Circus

Sacred Circus is a collective of performing artists, musicians, healers and teachers. Our purpose is to inspire transformation and to empower others to embody their fullest potential. Through music, performance, workshops and sharing our personal transformation, we create a community of empowerment, education, and play wherever we go. Our show is a fusion project combining spectacular aerial acts, flow arts, hoop, fire, acrobatics, contortion, dance and more complete with an energetic, bouncy, electro-circus sound provided by DJ Atum.

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Based out of Norman, Oklahoma, MONTU is an electronic jam band that blends a multitude of influences into an unforgettable live experience full of high energy and good times. Toured with/Opened for: Umphrey's McGee, The Disco Biscuits, Lotus, EOTO, Papadosio, Girl Talk, The Floozies, and many more. Let's rage.

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Dj Alexis Tucci

Promoter pioneer woman of the 90's rave scene in St. Louis now graces the underground house and disco community as a respected dj, influenced by deep sexy grooves and intense tribal techno... reflecting funk, soul, latin and disco.